Our 15 Year Anniversary

Bronte Precision are excited to announce a host of expansions as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary.

New Machine

We have recently acquired a brand new multi-axis CNC axis milling machine for our shop floor. Our New CME FS3 allows Bronte to

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Our New Machine

It is an exciting time here at Bronte Precision as we enter into our 15th year of trading and unveil a number recent investments including new staff and new machines all to fulfil our mission: To be the supplier of choice across industries for the

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Bronte Are Back!

It’s business as usual here at Bronte Precision as we get back into the swing of things following our seasonal Spring Bank closure.

The factory is open, the machines are running and our team are hard at work creating large sized and complicated

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Seasonal Closure

Seasonal Closures

2018 has been non-stop here at Bronte Precision but it’s time for a break! Our factory will be shut down between the 28th of May and the 3rd of June. In this time we will not be picking up calls but both Oliver Gwynne and Steve

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Bronte representing STEM in Schools

Last Friday and as part of our ongoing association with the Ahead Partnership, Bronte’s own Oliver Gwynne helped students at Beckfoot School by conducting Mock Interviews with a host of local businesses.

The session, carried out with Year 12

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Rolling Stock: Air Brake Designs

It goes without saying that any braking system within a train is absolutely critical to the safe running of the vehicle. The most widely used form of braking system utilises compressed air and has evolved over the decades.

Straight Air System

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Train Brakes: How They Work

Safety is paramount for any Rolling Stock Vehicle that might be transporting hundreds of people, precious cargo and of course high levels of combustible fuel. As such braking is a critical system within any Train, so how do they work?

Nearly all

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Rolling Stock: Growth, Glut or Gaff?

2017 saw a hive of activity from the rail sector. Every week it felt as if there was another contract announcement, factory opening, franchise deal being announced. We are now a third of the way through 2018 so what are the updates?



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Chemical Compatibility and Material

When pumping any chemical, material selection is a crucial factor. Here is an overview on popular materials used in pumping applications and their compatibility with chemicals.


Most often used in non-sanitary applications, Cast, Ductile

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Chemical Compatibility and Pumping

The fluids you are pumping will undoubtedly be a key factor in the materials you select and manufacture your pump from and yet often how these fluids will react to other factors can have a serious impact on the running of your pump. Some common

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Gear Pumps: Internal vs External

How they Work

Internal Gear Pumps have an outer rotor gear which turns, driving the idler (inner) gear. As these two elements come into contact with each other, liquid is drawn into the pump which travels along the casing and to the discharge end

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Root Causes of Pump Failure

Bronte Precision have a niche in the production of large sized hydraulics components with pumps very much being the cornerstone of our business. Working closely with our customers for 15 years we have often provided replacement shafts, bearings and

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Types Of Impeller

An Impeller is a rotating component within a centrifugal pump which transfers energy from the motor and accelerates the fluid being pumped in an outwards motion. An impeller creates pressure as the outward movement of the fluid is confined in the

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Types of Pump Coupling

A coupling on a pump serves the function of connecting the Pump Shaft and the Motor Shaft together which transmits power into the pump. There are four common types of couplings each better suited to different applications.

Grid Couplings


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Despite Brexit: Britain's economy is growing

Bronte Precision's own Oliver Gwynne has been featured in the German Press talking positively about our outlook on Brexit and the future of Bronte Precision and UK manufacturing.

You can read the extract of his interview here: PRESS FOR LINK

Centrifugal pumps are used to transport fluids by the conversion of rotational kinetic energy. Through rotation of an impeller, centrifugal force is generated which causes the liquid to leave the pump at a higher velocity then which it entered.

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Slurry Pump Considerations

Slurry is one of the most challenging fluids to move. Slurry can be defined as a mixture of fluid, water and a pulverised solid. Slurries are similar in nature to viscous liquids in that they flow with gravity, but pump as needed. They are one of

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Die Casting Industry Trends

Die Castings are used in high volume applications to produce high tolerance parts from materials including Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminium. More than 80% of all Die Castings are used within the transport sector.




The major

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Types of Splined Shafts

A Spline by definition are ridges or teeth on a drive shaft which mesh with grooves in a mating piece. This is done so as to transfer torque whilst maintaining angular correspondence. This provides an equally distributed load along the sides of the

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What to Look For In Your Machinist

Many manufacturers look to outsource some or even all of their production. This could be because a specific component falls outside of their speciality, to save on equipment costs or to ensure flexibility as a business. If you are looking to

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