How We Manufacture Manifolds

A Hydraulic Manifold (sometimes referred to as a Hydraulic Valve Block) is a component which regulates the fluid flow between actuators, pumps, valves and other components within a hydraulic system. It acts in a similar manner to a switchboard in an

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Why are Manufacturers Re-Shoring to the UK?

It is not unusual for many global manufacturers to have complicated supply chains sourcing materials and components from a variety of countries. With Brexit looming in the not too distant future we have seen a number of international manufacturers

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Festive Opening Hours

It's been another busy and productive year here at Bronte Precision, but it's soon time for a break!

Bronte Precision's last working day is Thursday 21st of December and the cut off time from deliveries will be 2pm. 

After this we will be

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Strategic Vision for Rail Review

Just last week the UK government unveiled its Strategic Vision for Rail and we thought we’d take a look through and give our thoughts as a sub-contractor to the industry.


Expanding the network is obviously a key area of concern. “More

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Did Oil and Gas Recover?

Since 2014, prolonged low oil prices have had huge repercussions on the Oil Industry, resulting in many sub-contractors being badly affected and major job losses. If you remember all the way back to January, we were talking about how the first green

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Who Will Win HS2 Contracts?

As a sub-contractor to the Rail sector we have been watching with great interest as a number of firms have been circling the contracts to build the next generation of high speed trains. But who will win? We take a look at the different finalists to

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Machining of Inconel

A material often specialised for high temperature and high wear condition, Inconel is often referred to as a ‘hard’ and ‘exotic’ material, but what exactly is it? What are it’s applications and how do you machine it?

What is Inconel?


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Shop Floor Inspector Vacancy

Shop Floor Inspector – Permanent – Full Time – BD12 0SG

Contract Kind: Full time, Perm

Working Shifts: Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 4:30pm, Fridays 7:30am-1:30pm

Pay: Dependant on experience, negotiable 

About Us: Bronte Precision are

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Proactive Outsourcing This Festive Season

It’s that time of year again, when the cries spread throughout the land as people bemoan the early onset of Christmas. It seems that no sooner have you scoffed the last of your Halloween candy, but the shops are playing jingle bells, the Christmas

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Replacement Parts For Food Processors

7 Million Mince Pies, 10 Million Turkeys, 25 Million Christmas Puddings, 35 Million Bottles of Wine, 250 Million Pints of Beer and a whopping 9875 Tonnes of Brussel Sprouts.

That’s what a typical December looks like here in the UK and no doubt

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Proof of Concept for New Components

Bronte Precision are well placed to work alongside product designers and consultants providing a full end to end ‘Proof of Concept’ for new components.

What Is ‘Proof Of Concept’?

During the design and development of any new product/component

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Steel Scandal Highlights Suppliers

Major Scandal broke last week as Kobe Steel, Japan’s third largest steelmaker admitted to selling substandard materials to more than 500 customers globally.

After a period of investigation it was found that Kobe’s employees systematically failed

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Who do we work with?

Our mission here at Bronte Precision is not just to be a useful outsource, we want to be your manufacturing partner. That means developing a long term relationship with you and members of your team.

Purchasing Managers and Procurement


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3 More Rail Components We Make

Bronte Precision work on a wide range of components, primarily used in Rolling Stock Vehicles themselves, but also work on a range of associated parts.

Lifting Jacks

Used in the maintenance of Rolling Stock Vehicles, Lifting jacks are an easy

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Pros and Cons of Casting Processes

Bronte Precision work alongside a wide variety of casting and forging businesses to provide finish machining on large and intricate cast parts where tight tolerances are required. Each of the different casting processes has its own strength and

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How Machinists Support Different Businesses

Contract Machinists such as Bronte Precision work with a wide variety of different businesses in a variety of different fields. Most of our relationships are long term and reciprocal in nature. These are some of the types of businesses we work.. Read more


Going Forward in Reverse

Reverse Engineering is the art of taking an old component and making a new one, there are a wide number of reasons why customers might need to reverse engineer a component.

The Original Manufacturer may simply no longer exist. An Original

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How different Plastics Cut

Nylon: One of the most popular engineering plastics, Nylon possesses a good tensile strength at a relatively low cost. It won’t be damaged by oils, solvents or alcohols but can’t resist acidic chemicals. Quite often used as fasteners as well as

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Machining Engineering Plastics

Plastics have become significantly more popular as a choice of engineering material, so how does the machining of plastics differ from that of metal?


Plastics can be inconsistent in the same manner as cast and forged materials, this

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Slurry Pump Components

A Slurry Pump is a type of centrifugal pump that increases the pressure of solid/liquid mixtures through a rotating impeller. They are commonly used in the mining industry for the transportation of materials including Gold, Silver Iron Ore, Tin

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