Precision Machining

More than Parts, Your Partner

Bronte supports your company by providing bespoke parts at high quality and fast turnaround. We invest heavily in the latest technology, educating our staff and quality supervision because Bronte know the knock on effect that late delivery or sub standard manufacturing can have on your business. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality services.

Bronte can support your engineering needs in two core ways:

The first is to have us look over the entire production of your component. We have handpicked a small team of suppliers and contractors meaning we can source materials, heat treatments and special surface coating. This significantly saves you time and money and enables us to ensure quality throughout the entire project.

The second are Bronte’s sub-contracting services. With our range of cutting edge technologies, many companies find it easier to outsource one part of their production to us rather than invest in machines themselves. Our sub contract services include CNC Turning, CNC Grinding, Splining and More.


We have a large number of CNC machines and we continue to invest in the latest technologies. Currently our maximum component size capacities are as follows:

Bronte Precision engineering cnc milling, turning and grinding large components