Crane Components

We Pull Our Weight.

No matter your make or model, Bronte Precision can produce bespoke components for your Crane, Winch or Lifting Equipment. We have a long history of producing safety critical components for a wide variety of applications and have a niche in the precision machining of large sized components. Working from your drawings, Bronte Precision can produce a wide range of components and are well versed in the machining of cast materials and fabrications.


Send across your RFQ today for a no obligation quote and see if Bronte Precision could be your manufacturing partner of choice. 


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Wheels: Acquiring replacement wheels is often time consuming and costly with a number of the major crane manufacturers based abroad. If your wheels are in need of a refurbishment it may be easier for us to make new ones. We can run full non-destructive testing to verify the materials used and produce wheels for Excavator or Crane.


Friction Components: Any component that needs to cause friction needs to be robust in design, but the use of hard cast materials often makes machining more expensive for those not familiar with it. Bronte can produce a range of friction components including Brakes, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Brake Arms, Wear Plates, Friction Pads, Friction Plates and more.


Sheaves: Bronte can produce a wide variety of sheaves to suit your Crane and Winch applications, these include Boom Tip, Inner Bail, Outer Bail, Finished Bore, Bushed, Roller Bearing and Tapered Bearing Sheaves.


Undercarriage Components: We are able to produce a wide range of standard and bespoke undercarriage components such as Rack Pads, Upper and Lower Rollers, Drive Tumblers, Axles, Bronze Bushings, Sprockets, Suspension Plates, Suspension Rods and more.


Gaskets: This includes a variety of metallic and mechanical oil seals as well as being able to work in 'engineering plastics' such as Nylon. We also produce Adjusting Bolts and bespoke Flanges.


Gears: Bronte have a full Gear Cutting facility and are able to produce internal and external Helical and Spur Gears as well as Double Helical Gears, Planetary Gear Sets and Splined Shafts. We can also provide a full Gear Cutting services.


Pinions: Bronte can produce drive and idler pinions for Cranes as well as pneumatic pistons


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