Drilling And Mining

Built for the ground up.

Getting precious materials from the earth is no easy task.


It requires wear resistant, robust components which are often produced from ‘hard and exotic’ materials that many machinists struggle with. Working from your drawing Bronte Precision can produce a range of components with applications throughout the material's journey. Our team has vast experience in working with Cast and Fabricated Parts, and have a specialty in machining large sized components with tight tolerances.


We have produced components with an end application in Excavator Machines, Down Hole Drills as well as material handling conveyors and locomotives. Send across your RFQ today for a no obligation quote and see if Bronte Precision could be your manufacturing partner of choice. 


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Excavators: Often the first step in any operation is the excavation of the ground itself. Bronte are able to machine a wide range of parts for excavation vehicles including parts like Large Diameter Bearings, Hydraulic Cylinders, Bottom Rollers, Slewing Rings, Slewing Bearings, Brakes, Clutches, Joints, Pistons, Couplings as well as Sprockets, Idlers and more.


Drilling: Any component that needs to operate ‘down the hole’ will require tight tolerances in order to be effective. Bronte can produce a range of parts for DTH Hammers, Eccentric Drilling Systems as well as Shock Absorbers. Parts include: Back heads, O-Rings, Buffer Rings, Air Distributors, Cylinder, Stop Rings, Pistons, Spacers and Chucks.


Pumps: Pumps are one are Bronte work in that can serve a number of different industries. We are able to machine a number of parts for Centrifugal, Slurry and Submersible Pumps often used in the mining and drilling applications. Parts include: Impellers, Seals, Cover Plates, Pump Casings, Frame Plates and many more.


Material Handling Conveyors: Industrial Conveyors need to be able to move heavy objects in an efficient way. Bronte can provide a number of conveyor parts including: Rollers, Couplings, Idlers, Head and Tail Pulleys, Wear Plates and more.


Locomotives: Many Mines and Tunnelling projects rely on Locomotives in order to provide reliable transit of both personnel and materials. Bronte already work extensively with commercial rolling stock and can easily transfer these skills for the mining industry. We manufacture a range of parts including: Brakes, Rods, Axles, Suspension Parts, Couplers and more.


Email your drawings today to: og@bpel.co.uk