Food Processing Equipment

We Put Food On Plates.

Bronte Precision support the food industry through the supply of bespoke components. These components are used both by OEMs in their food processing equipment and also by food processors themselves as replacement parts for their older machines.

Bronte Precision are ISO certified and offer a complete manufacturing service from sourcing material, machining your part, arranging associated finishing processes to final delivery. We have extensive experience in machining stainless steel and can produce a wide variety of parts working from your drawings.

Parts we can manufacture include: Mixing Blades, Mixing Vanes, Helical Mixers, Nozzels, Seals, Joints, Feed Screws, Conveyor Rollers, Part Feeder Bowls, Starwheels, Machined Chucks, Molds and More!

Bronte Precision food processing equipment machinery